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About the Author

Hailey Rodgers is the Author of See Me: Becoming Your Authentic Self. She is in her fourth year of Commerce at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and comes from the nearby small town of Westport, Ontario. She enjoys writing, engaging in physical activity, and taking time for herself – health and wellness are of great value to her. Highly focused yet also a free spirit, Hailey is just as comfortable in an oversized plaid shirt and Yankees cap as she is in a fancy dress. 

Hailey is currently working towards her life coaching certification, which will allow her to augment her entrepreneurial dreams. She is also a podcast host and passionate blogger

Hailey’s go-to mantra is: “be fearlessly authentic.” She aspires to be authentic in all facets of life and to never waver from her values.

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What are readers saying about See Me? Read Below!

Hailey has written a highly approachable book targeted at a young audience on how to be authentic; on being YOU...An earnest, honest reference book shared as a one-on-one with the reader…expressed in a compelling, realistic, and sincere manner.

Randa McTavish, Senior Proposal Specialist, and See Me Editor

I can speak to Hailey’s unparalleled work ethic and devotion to exquisitely capture the stories and real journeys of authentic leaders in her book See Me. I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to meet Hailey, and more importantly, am grateful for how she has complimented my life.

Megan Lukan, Founder of authentically Bold & Retired Olympic Athlete

Hailey has written a very personal, soul-baring book about the importance of self-love and acceptance. Written as a resource for young adults, it offers support and thought provoking questions for all ages. I am so proud of Hailey's accomplishment in writing this book. 

Kim Lacoste, Marketing Editor, Teacher, Mom, Wife, Lifelong Learner

See Me manages to explain the complexities behind living authentically in a world where social media shapes perfection at all times, while also beautifully exploring happiness and success through intimate stories.

Elisabeth Foster, Author of Raspberry Colored Scars

In a society where young adults feel the increasing pressure to adopt an alternate “self,” See Me is a much needed novel that inspires readers to regain control and confidence in their truest authentic self.

Paige Yang, Author of Speak Up

See Me is an incredible read that reminds us to be ourselves. Through each personal story, we are brought back a reminder that to achieve our goals we must first learn to be ourselves.

Keisha Simpson, Co-Founder of Live Life Unfiltered

An incredibly inspiring book written by an incredibly intelligent and inspiring author. To know her is to love her, to read See Me is to love it.

Ampai Thammachack, Founder of Step Above Stigma